• About

    At Moreau Sewing Unltd, our mission is twofold: to provide exceptional sewing services that cater to your unique needs and to empower individuals by sharing the invaluable skill of sewing. We believe that every stitch is a step towards self-expression, creativity, and self-sufficiency.

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    Our Story

    Born and raised on the vibrant Caribbean island of Dominica, our founder, Ian Moreau, inherited a rich legacy of tailoring and sewing. Growing up in a family of master tailors and seamstresses, Ian's childhood was immersed in the world of fabrics, needles, and stitches. His father, a skilled master tailor, instilled in him not only the technical aspects of sewing but also the values of dedication and precision.

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    The Spark of Empowerment

    In his teenage years, Ian felt a calling to share his skills and passion with his community. He opened a small shop in Dominica, focusing on crafting school uniforms and professional attire. The goal was not just to create garments, but to create opportunities – offering employment and serving his community's clothing needs.

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    Journey to Cincinnati

    Ian's journey brought him to the United States, specifically to Cincinnati, a city with a vibrant history and a thirst for innovation. Recognizing the decline of locally-made clothing in the USA, Ian saw an opportunity to revive craftsmanship, reinvigorate the sewing heritage, and create jobs within his newfound community.

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    Craftsmanship and Community

    Beyond the threads and fabrics, we value the relationships we build with each client. Our commitment to craftsmanship is matched only by our dedication to building a strong sewing community. Whether you're seeking alterations, custom creations, or sewing classes, we're here to guide and support you every step of the way.

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    Join Our Journey

    We invite you to become a part of our sewing journey – as a client, a student, or a fellow enthusiast. Discover the artistry of clothing alterations, the elegance of custom tailoring, the transformational power of upholstery, and the joy of sewing. Together, let's create, learn, and empower.